“What I’ve Learned” by Cathy Cruz

Over the years I’ve gone through the ups and downs of being an adult and doing this  “adulting” thing. As we’ve heard before, “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”. I don’t report to my parents for approval or disapproval of choices anymore. Of course, I have colleagues and friends that provide wisdom and guidance based on their personal experiences. This can be helpful, but ultimately I’m the one taking chances, trying new things and figuring it out. My experience becomes an effective teacher.  

It took me about 6 attempts at the RP diet to see change. I spend a lot of my time analyzing data, movement patterns, and behaviors. So, it made me think, “Why is that”? The diet really has not changed. There’s an app, which is cool, but to be honest, I notice very little difference in the basic design of the plan. Why couldn’t I find success before?

I believe the answer lies in my personal willingness to take an honest look at my behavior, to understand that it wasn’t getting me any closer to my goals, and to decide to block out my doubts and fears to give myself a chance at success. I knew that I was unhappy with how I felt. I was unable to recover, my joints were sore, my mood was low, and my performance in the gym was not improving. My education in nutrition reminded me that I was not supplementing myself appropriately to help combat the inflammation I was causing in training and in daily life. I knew I could not continue to repeat the same behaviors that were getting me nowhere.

Many times in my life when I’ve achieved something difficult but great, I achieved it because I spent time with my tunnel vision goggles on. Putting those on meant tuning even myself out. The self that liked being comfortable, who didn’t want to get up early and run, or eat a vegetable instead of a cupcake. I recognized how good those things felt, I thought about them nostalgically, thanking myself for the experience, but knowing that at this time, I couldn’t have them. I had a goal and that old behavior pulled me further away from that goal.

It’s not easy attempting something that you’ve failed at several times. It takes courage to try again, despite not knowing if THIS time will be any different. But that’s not where the journey ends, that’s not enough. That’s just where it begins. It also takes determination to make sure that this time IS different. Putting your full effort into whatever you decided to do is the only way to know for sure if it will work. So, if you’re tired of feeling _____or you want ______ or _____, put your goggles ON, it’s time to get to work!