“Fast Friends, Cool Coach” by Alejandra Morisi

About 2 weeks ago, we finished our third run clinic with our running coach, Cathy Cruz. This particular running clinic lasted 8 weeks and we met once a week on Sundays. Some Sundays we met at the track and other Sundays we met in other places like our gym, CrossFit Baltimore.

What always amazes me about the clinics are the incredible results we have at the end. It’s so interesting because, though I know that we are working very hard during our training sessions, they always feel light-hearted and full of fun. Like I’m just hanging out with my friends on a Sunday morning and not particularly “working” on something.

But I think a big contributing factor to the fun part is the structure of the program itself. Cathy does a great job of creating a comprehensive program that allows us to improve our running. You can tell that she put a lot of thought into the drills and activities we did. She often tested these herself before we did them! And, since she would think of everything, we were able to show up, follow her instructions and have some fun with our friends.

Here’s what we did: we tested our mile times in the beginning and then we were placed in pace groups. To me, these were my running buddies and we ran together for the duration of the clinic. This group paced me and PUSHED me. At times, it even seemed like we took turns leading each other depending on the day or drill that we were doing. I think being in pace groups is incredibly helpful. Throughout the clinic, we also did different drills and activities that had us work on our pace, form and breathing.

At the end, we tested our mile time again and our results are reflected in the chart. They are amazing! Everyone worked so hard and got incredible times at the end. I feel fortunate to have been a part of the clinic and to be able to witness my friends’ amazing efforts.

It seemed that the most common take-aways people got from the clinic were pacing and breathing. When asked what their biggest lesson was, one participant wrote, “Pace myself and work on my breathing. Also, learned how to transfer the skills to the CrossFit WODS.”

I didn’t make that quote up. I got it from a survey we did about the clinic. 100% of the participants who responded to the survey said they would recommend the clinic. When we asked why, here are what some responded:

–          “The clinic lessons can be applied to the WODs we do at the gym and not just running.”

–          “Everyone should take this. It will make you a better athlete.”

–          “Yes, because you really are able to gain skills that transfer over to WODs that include running in it.”

–          “We all improved our 1 mile times (some significantly) and I am going to use what I learned to continue to improve.”

So, there you have it. You don’t have to take my word for it. Lol.

I want to acknowledge Cathy and all her hard work with the running clinics. You can tell that she cares and she makes this such a fun clinic for us. There is no bigger feedback about her clinic and the work she does than our results. And for that I am grateful.

 I know that Cathy will be starting another run clinic soon and you don’t want to miss it! Keep an eye out for information about it!

Again, don’t take my word for it. Take other people’s word for it! [SEE ABOVE] Lol.