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“5 feet 1.6 inches of effort” by Alejandra Morisi

When people ask for my height, I always respond with exact numbers. 5 feet and 1.6 inches. It’s almost like I want to get credit for every little bit I’ve got. And I am very aware of my height with… Read more »

“Stop the Hangovers!” by Alejandra Morisi

As most people do, I took a bar prep course to get ready for the bar exam. The exam is two days long and, on the second day, you take a 100 multiple choice question test in 3 hours. When… Read more »

“Fight the bullsh*t!” by Alejandra Morisi

I’ve been wanting to write something about this quote for some time. The topic keeps coming up during conversations and I come back to this quote because it is  so true. For a long time I thought that change naturally… Read more »