Car Audio Big 3 Upgrade

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Car Audio Big 3 Upgrade: Enhancing Your Car’s Electrical System


When it comes to upgrading your car audio system, one of the most crucial aspects to consider is the electrical system. Many car enthusiasts overlook the importance of a proper electrical setup, resulting in poor sound quality and potential damage to components.

The “Big 3” upgrade is a widely recommended modification for car audio systems that focuses on upgrading three key components of the electrical system. This upgrade can improve the performance of your car’s audio system, ensuring clean power distribution to your amplifiers and preventing voltage drops that can affect sound quality.

The Big 3 Components

1. Battery Upgrade

The first component to consider in the Big 3 upgrade is the battery. Your car’s factory-installed battery may not be sufficient to meet the increased power demands of an upgraded audio system. Upgrading to a higher capacity battery with a higher cold cranking amp (CCA) rating is essential.

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When choosing a battery for your audio system, opt for deep-cycle batteries with a strong CCA rating. Deep-cycle batteries are designed to provide a constant stream of power over a longer period. This is particularly beneficial for car audio systems that require sustained power for extended listening sessions.

Additionally, consider investing in an AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) battery, as it offers superior performance and durability compared to traditional flooded batteries. AGM batteries can handle the higher loads and provide a more stable power supply to your audio system.

2. Alternator Upgrade

The second component in the Big 3 upgrade is the alternator. Your car’s alternator is responsible for charging the battery and powering the vehicle’s electrical systems. However, the factory-installed alternator may not provide enough power to cater to the demands of an upgraded audio system.

Upgrading to a high-output alternator is crucial to ensure that your battery is adequately charged and can supply the necessary power to the audio system. High-output alternators have higher amperage ratings, allowing them to generate more power and recharge the battery more efficiently, even under heavy load.

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Before upgrading your alternator, consult with a professional to determine the appropriate output for your specific audio system. Factors such as amplifier power, number of speakers, and other accessories should be taken into account to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

3. Grounding Upgrade

The third component to address in the Big 3 upgrade is the grounding system. Proper grounding is crucial for a stable and noise-free electrical system in your car audio setup. The factory-installed grounding cables often have insufficient gauge sizes and may introduce resistance, leading to voltage drops.

Replace the factory grounding cables with high-quality, thick-gauge cables. These cables offer lower resistance and improve current flow, making sure that your amplifiers receive the required power. Grounding cables should be securely connected to bare metal surfaces and avoid areas with paint or corrosion that can hinder conductivity.

Additionally, consider adding additional grounding points to critical components like amplifiers and head units. This can further reduce the risk of voltage drops and improve overall system performance.

Benefits of the Big 3 Upgrade

The Big 3 upgrade offers several benefits for your car audio system. Let’s dive into the advantages of each component upgrade:

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Battery Upgrade Benefits:

  1. Improved power handling capability for prolonged listening sessions.
  2. Stable power supply for consistent audio performance.
  3. Reduced risk of voltage drops and potential damage to components.
  4. Compatibility with higher-powered amplifiers and speakers.

Alternator Upgrade Benefits:

  1. Increased charging capacity for your battery.
  2. Efficient power generation to meet the demands of your audio system.
  3. Reduced strain on the electrical system, increasing its longevity.
  4. Elimination of potential dimming lights or weak performance at high volumes.

Grounding Upgrade Benefits:

  1. Improved overall system performance by reducing voltage drops.
  2. Noise reduction for a cleaner audio signal.
  3. Elimination of potential ground loop issues.
  4. Enhanced stability of amplifiers, preventing overheating or damage.


Upgrading the Big 3 components of your car’s electrical system is a crucial step in maximizing the performance and longevity of your audio system. Investing in a higher capacity battery, a high-output alternator, and upgrading the grounding system can significantly enhance the overall audio experience in your car.

Remember to consult with professionals or experienced car audio enthusiasts to ensure compatibility and proper installation of the Big 3 upgrade. With these upgrades in place, you can enjoy clean, powerful, and distortion-free sound in your car for years to come.



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